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Meeting #190 with Aletta

Posted by Alison Beere as Webmaster/PR on Wednesday, June 17, 2015, In : Meeting updates 
Thank you to the outgoing Division Governor of Toastmasters Southern Africa, Aletta Rochat, who shared "Reflections of a DG" with us as a Competent Communicator project.

Her inspiring points were that:
  •  holding high office is not about the Wearing the Badge, but about the opportunity to serve and grow
  • things are always personal first, because that is how the Toastmasters organisation best serves the individual member 
  • you have to have a message, otherwise you are just transmitting information.


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Love your Leadership Manual

Posted by LP User on Thursday, January 30, 2014, In : Member involvement 
In a toughly contested battle between V. Acant and myself, I am the newly appointed VP PR (Vice President - Public Relations) for The Breakfast Club.

My purpose for this new role is two fold: complete my CL manual by using this position to fulfil some outstanding assignments, (see, I am honest) and to give other members the opportunity to work on some of the more obscure assignments (I am generous too).
If you are trying to finish your CL manual, (and who wouldn’t want to achieve that accola...
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