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What If You Could Write a Speech Quickly?

Posted by LP User on Sunday, December 12, 2021 Under: Competition news
Akos Mensah, 19 November 2021

Recently one of my fellow Toastmasters called me the night before our club meeting to say that he would like to pull out as a contestant as he felt ill prepared to participate in the Humour Contest. He had not yet completed writing his 7 minute speech. He had been busy with work deadlines, and he felt that he needed more time to prepare his speech. He offered to do a different role in the meeting and wanted to be a timekeeper or Zoommaster.

I listened to him and appreciated him offering to attend the meeting.

This was a contest that was supposed to have at least 5 speakers. The last minute change made me feel confused and anxious, I didn’t want to try  to find someone else in less than 12 hours.

 I noticed a pattern of no-shows and cancellations, mostly for the same reason: people felt ill-prepared, and they had last-minute work and family commitments.  “I hear you.” I said,  “Thank you for sharing. What is the title of your speech and your main points….do you mind going through it with me right now? I asked with a big genuine  smile.

5 Minutes later. We were both laughing. “That was amazing. You are going to do great. See you on Zoom tomorrow morning.”
We discussed how showing up for one’s commitments is more important than how perfect it is.

Toastmasters is the perfect environment to learn how to deal with these unforeseen life challenges. He showed up, did his best and had us all laughing out loud. He found humour in being unprepared, because he’s not the first person in the world to feel that way.
What about you? 
What important goals do you have in your life that are suffering from lack of planning and preparedness?
Do you have a presentation for work, or for a nonprofit, or for sales, but you did not even create the first slide? #toastmasters
Think about your goals, and try to find the humour in your imperfections.
Get support. Call someone and share your fears and concerns.
Get together with people or organizations like Toastmasters who can support you because a little encouragement goes a long way.

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