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Reaching goals + New Members

Posted by LP User on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 Under: Meeting updates
First up, congratulations to our meeting award winners who went home clasping chocolate as always!  Alison Beere (Best Speaker), Sarah Rossouw (Best Evaluator), and guest Zoliswa Gidi (Best Table Topic Speaker)

Nathan Phillander 
was Toastmaster of the day and chose the theme Wonderful Winter to set an upbeat tone in spite of the weather. Thanks Nathan for your energetic and entertaining leadership, and all the best for those university exams next week.

It was a meeting of reaching goals and welcoming new members...

Alison Beere
 completed her Competent Communicator manual with a speech entitled "Tiny Increments" to inspire everyone to embrace change. This was the big CC10 which is her first large Toastmasters milestone.

Graham Klein (visiting from Grove club) completed his Advanced Communicator Bronze with a speech from the Public Relations manual, handling a crisis situation.

Acting President Sarah Rossouw outlined the various roles of club committee members in advance of next week's election.

Jill Mackay hosted a round of Table Topics, inviting guests and members to offer their opinions about winter as a time of rejuvenation, the best winter movies to snuggle up with, and load-shedding vs snow-sledding. Loads of fun there!

Our evaluators, Sarah Rossouw and Martin Gevers provided valuable insights and constructive feedback for the speakers. Avoiding rocking on the spot, keeping things personal, and looking on the bright side even in a crisis were some of their suggestions.

Thank you to new member Taahir Khalfe who took on the role of Time Keeper for the first time. Congratulations on taking a step towards become a powerful communicator to enhance your work in entrepreneurship training. We look forward to walking alongside you and cheering you on.

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