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Verity Price take 2nd place at Minicon 2012 Humour Contest

Posted by Angela Horn on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 Under: Competition news

Verity Price take 2nd place at Minicon 2012 Humour Contest

Toastmasters from across the country gathered in the Mother City this past weekend for District 74's annual MiniCon, which was hosted at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. It kicked off on Friday evening and didn’t stop until the last booty had been shaken late on Saturday night.

It’s been said that once you have attended a conference you will be hooked for life, a truism if ever there was one. District 74 Conferences are renowned for providing great value for money, fantastic speakers, a high level of contests and of course, the BEST parties.

Keynote speaker, Alan Committie, had the audience in stiches on Saturday morning as he did his best to ‘dissect a butterfly’ in order to explain its beauty. He’d been tasked with sharing comedy tips with the eager crowd and that was the odd, but uncannily apt, analogy he came up with to make the point that trying to explain funny just isn’t funny.

Not to be outdone, our Humour Contest participants in both the English and Afrikaans categories were equally hilarious. After much pencil chewing and agonizing the judges eventually arrived at a decision.

Biddy White with her speech, Sole Proprietary, won the English contest and Breakfast Club member, Verity Price, took second place. Adri Rothman won the Afrikaans Showcase with her speech, Want boot gaan ons boot. 

There’s unfortunately no direct translation for this delightfully descriptive phrase, but in a nutshell it means we’re going to sail that damn boat no matter what.

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