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Chocolate for Breakfast!

Posted by LP User on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 Under: Meeting updates

Chocolate for Breakfast!

Seriously, we always get chocolate prizes at the Breakfast Club...

That is why so many of us attend ;)

But today we actually all got to eat gourmet choccies for breakfast - what a pity some chocolate lovers like Noni could not be with us ;)

Our cracking three speeches started with Brenda Trope's "Mmm, chocolate — yummy!" in which she demonstrated how one can make healthy, unprocessed chocolate and used body language in her speech as part of her CC5 assignment. We all got to sample her scummy wares, too. This was a meeting to remember!

Martin Gevers entertained as always with wild stories, this time about "Meeting the Alpha Male" in his Humorous Speaker # 3 - well done Martin. Your life must be full of excitement, judging from the fountain of fascinating experiences you bring to life in your speeches.

Finally we hosted new Area Director François Roux, who inspired us all to take a step up with his speech "Success, significance and Fun". It was good to see how Toastmasters can contribute to each of these three aspects of life as you embrace all the opportunities on offer.

Who won what?

We proudly awarded chocolate bars to the following for their contributions to our morning's enjoyment:

Best speaker: François Roux
Best Evaluator: Nathan Philander
Best Tabletopic: Sarah Rossouw

Exciting upcoming opportunities...

Do you want to get a fast-track on your Speech and Leadership projects?
You can!

We have the privilege of teaching Speechcraft for the Sports Science Institute from 29th July for 6 weeks. Contact François Rossouw at francois(@)luceda.co.za and step up your own progress a notch, too. We need timekeepers, demo speakers, toastmasters and more. 

PLUS: Speech contest — 19 August 2015 at 7.30am

It will take place at our usual meeting time and place and we are looking for more contestants, judges, tally-counters and other officials. Speak to Alison at our next meeting to find out more...

That is all for today. Watch this space next week!

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