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An epic start to 2021 at The Breakfast Club

Posted by LP User on Sunday, August 15, 2021 Under: Meetings

Meeting on 13.01.2021, Vuyo Ntsangani

The Breakfast Club had our first meeting of the year on Wednesday 13 January 2021 and, all one can say is, what an epic start? 

The meeting attracted the club’s  regular visitors from across the country such as DTM Stanley Sabela, Hannah Schmidt from Namibia as well as well as our friends from the United State of America, Linda and her husband Alan Mann. I saw our chat box popping up with comments from our visitors who showed enthusiasm to be there, they had nothing but good things to say about the morning.  

Nicky Seymour showed off her brilliance as she was installing the new exco of the club. Her edgy approach with words provoked a sense of pride in each exco member as she called out their names and made each member feel like they were in the right room and what they are doing is important.  Mel Awu who had just taken a gigantic leap from Club president to Division Director.  Changes had to happen leading to a shift in the exco team and most members taking on the challenge of a new role.     

Mel Awu with her ‘Toastmaster of the Morning’” hat, brought her A-game with the theme “A New Year” as she got members to share their best quotes.  Josh Hyams as Table Topics reflected on the habit of new year’s resolutions and it was interesting to hear how most people just don’t believe in new year’s resolutions anymore, but  Nerisa Mnemba was not afraid to stand out as she boldly shared how new year's resolutions had worked for her.     

Our new president Madeleen Engelbrecht, with her relaxed demeanor, gave a rather moving speech as she encouraged her team. The essence of her speech was that if the team wins, everyone wins and that our future depends on taking small steps in the right direction.  Emotions were flying - this meeting reminded us that Toastmasters is not just about a group of people getting together to speak, but it’s a family where we build each other. 

The sad moment was a minute of silence in memory of our departed member who sadly passed away in December, Lynn Oliver.  Lynn was a darling of our club, hence everyone had nothing but good things to remember her by.  As we gave those few minutes to Lynn, deep sadness and sorrow enveloped our screens, staring at the reality that as amazing her speeches were, Lynn will never say one more word.  May her beautiful soul rest in eternal peace.        

Overall, this was an fantastic start to 2021; with a phenomenal exco team and dedicated members, The Breakfast Club is unstoppable.  

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