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19th September: Meeting Review

Posted by Angela Horn on Sunday, September 23, 2012 Under: Meeting updates
At just over a year old and already 59 meetings in, I think we can safely say that The Breakfast Club is way past “the little train that could” stage and now in a league all its own. Catch us if you can is probably more apt these days.   We enjoyed another fun meeting this morning, with lots of old faces and even a few new ones. It was great to have such a big turnout.

Unfortunately Thobeka made a last minute apology, which left Angela not only as the first speaker on the agenda, but also the only one. She handled the unexpected turn of events like a pro however, making no attempt whatsoever to bolt for the escalators (at least not that we noticed).   Thank you to Sarah for giving Angela such an in-depth and well put together evaluation. Table Topics madam (Evan’s word, not mine), Berni, kept her victims on their toes by giving them each a quote, saying or phrase based on the meeting’s theme: Lighting a candle.

Burning the candle at both ends
. According to Francois this is a way of being energy efficient. Now that’s some out of the box thinking.  It is better to light a candle than curse the dark. Tambu told us that for some people candles are their only means of light. Thank you for the reminder to not take things for granted Tambu.  A Candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. Ayesha said that she learnt from a young age the value in helping others. She also encouraged us to visit the elderly, which I think is a splendid idea!

How to blow out a candle without spraying wax all over the table
. Instead of offering practical advice, Nicky took a different approach by using wax as an analogy to remind us that our experiences are to be treasured, not discarded or avoided simply because they don’t measure up.   I remember when the candle shop burnt down. After first having to establish what exactly a candle shop was, Gideon went on to regale us with a wonderful story about the time that the community’s candle shop went up in flames. What a disaster!

, our grammarian and um counter for the morning, was on top form. Not a single um or ah was missed. She did soften the blow with chocolates though, so we’ll probably let her do the role again sometime.The meeting ended with a real treat, again from Verity, as she performed her winning speech from the humorous contest for us. Hilarious doesn’t come close!

The Division finals are being held next week Thursday at the Alphen Hall in Constantia, so if you’re looking for a fun evening night out, be sure to come along! Tickets are R70 if you book via EFT or R85 at the door. Snacks are included.

Wishing you all an ‘ab fab’ week until we meet again.

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